JKBA Judi Keith-Brown Architects is a small boutique architectural office based in The Drawing Office, a shared studio space in a recently restored and strengthened 1920’s office building in central Wellington.

JKBA is Judi Keith-Brown, registered Architect and Mark John Warren, an architectural graduate. We share the studio with Honour Creative - an interior design company, McIndoe Urban - urban designers, and Robin Simpson Design - urban designers and landscape architects.

Mark and I work closely together on all projects combining the skills we have both developed throughout our careers. Being a small practice we are both involved in all projects from beginning to end.

We tend to work very closely with our clients to design something that works for them on all levels bringing to their projects our own design methods, ideas, aesthetics and influences, as well as working in with those of our clients, the house or site, and the wider surrounds. We also have good long-standing relationships with a tight group of builders and sub-contractors.

To make something different is not great art. But to give pleasure, that is design.
— Eva Zeisel

About Judi

When I first graduated I worked for Dave Launder before heading over to Glasgow for 3 years. When I came back I worked briefly for John Daish and went on to teach 4th year design at the School of Architecture for 10 years, before going back into private practice in 2007.

I have worked on a wide range of projects from new houses, to the restoration of a Grade A listed historic building in Scotland, to public housing, but now mainly work on residential projects here in Wellington and in Hawkes Bay.

While most of the influences I am inspired by are modernist, Scandinavian and Japanese I also like working with the proportions and simple planning and detailing of Victorian villas and cottages and the modernist houses of the 1960’s and 70’s.

It is important to me that architecture is not just about how a house looks but also how it functions, how comfortable it is to live and work in, that there are places to sit, to eat, to curl up in the sun, and that a house is most of all a home.

As the great designer Eva Zeisel wrote: ‘To make something different is not great art. But to give pleasure, that is design’.


About Mark

I came to architecture after having spent my formative years working in the construction industry which saw me employed as a carpenter on a wide range of projects from furniture making, residential and commercial projects and movie set construction in Hollywood; a varied and exciting time spanning the UK, USA and more lately NZ.

Prior to teaming up with Judi, my architectural experience has seen me work for three previous practices in Wellington - Cranko Architects, ArchitectureLab and more recently a three year stay at Parsonson Architects on Cuba Street.

I really enjoy using the architectural drawing process as a way to hone an idea into a physical outcome that has an ongoing positive impact on the daily lives of our clients - creating a well planned, sympathetically detailed and professionally delivered home.

I draw great inspiration from Architects from the past such as John Lautner and Frank Lloyd Wright - Lautner’s wonderful work with physical form and Wright’s mastery of the floor plan. More recent inspiration comes from Australia’s Mel Bright, Canada’s Tom Kundig and New Zealand’s own Gerald Parsonson.

Like Judi I see the home as a many layered vessel within which it is our role as architects to pinch and pull and offer our clients solutions and ideas they might not otherwise have arrived at.

‘We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us’ – Winston Churchill.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
— Winston Churchill

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